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What to Consider When Buying Pearl Earrings?

It goes without saying that pearl earrings are exceptionally popular in almost all the societies. That is because of the charming, simplified, decent yet glamorous appearance associated with pearl earrings. That said, pearl earrings come with different styles. Mentioned below are those variations for your knowledge.
  • Pearl Stud Earring

Well, it goes without saying that pearl stud earrings are the most traditional type. Also, they are usually priced well. The pearls are suspended in mid-air on your earring, with a screw back holding the earring securely in place. When an earring contains a valuable pearl or other material, this can be a useful way to keep it from getting lost. An affordable pearl stud earring is an Akoya or freshwater pearl in 18k gold, whereas more expensive pearl stud earrings include Tahitian and South Sea Pearl & Diamond stud earrings. In a nutshell, pearl stud earrings are the most essential piece of jewelry in your collection!

  • Threader pearl earrings

Elegant and fashionable, threader pearl earrings are a lovely addition to any jewelry collection. These earrings are fully adjustable in length, allowing you to create a unique piece of jewelry for yourself. Pearls dangle best from the chain below the ear, and don't be concerned about the chain itself; it is thin but strong enough to hold the bead firmly in place. The chains are always made out of 18k gold, 14k gold, or solid silver, depending on the style.

  • Drop Earrings

Some drop earrings have a charm as well as a pearl in them (they may even have crystal or diamond as well). According to the basic design of the drop, the earring must hang in a straight line from its base to its tip.

  • Screw-on-pearl earrings

The most distinguishing feature of this type is that it can be worn by people who do not have any piercings. Earrings that are stud or dangle in style are held in place by a terminator that screws up against the back of the ear to secure the earring in place. They have become increasingly rare due to a variety of factors, including the inability to wear for several hours due to discomfort.

  • Chandelier earrings

The earring is made up of a number of branches that hang down from the earring's center. Some pearls can be found at the end of the branch, the majority of which are tear or drop shaped.

Earring hangers

  • Fish Hook pearl earring

This earring got its name because the part that goes through the ear like a fish hook, and the pearl dangles under your earlobe. It is made of sterling silver.

  • Pearl earring with French Hoop hanger

A rounded hanger with an opening at the bottom that allows other parts of your earring to pass through it. It has a circular design and appears to be a ring on the earrings, while the pearl is situated below the earlobes.

  • Pearl earring with a lever back

This earring can be worn by both pierced and non-pierced ears. Flipping the earring up to press against the back of your ear is how it gets its name.


So, that’s about pearl earrings and hopefully this information will be handy if you intend to buy a pearl earring.

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